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i do have biblical faith, just not in god

why do i hate religion?

Dear Daddy, This will be hard for you to read, but I want you to read it anyway. I read this post of yours, after all. (I ask all to please go read the linked post, entitled "I Think the Jews Had it Right," in its entirety, before you continue here. We… more »

marriage, coffee, and spectacles, but not in that order

Mich bought me a new camera as a wedding gift, so y'all can expect more photos here should I be willing to undergo the requisite work to upload and post them. It's a Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D, which is pretty small and portable for a digital SLR camera.… more »

thoughts on getting married

  You and me both, Eva. I've long believed that, even while people tell the bride that "This is your day!" it really isn't. Couples go through all that mess for the families, in the end. Well. Most of that mess, anyway. Coming up with my own vows (wh… more »

catch me if you can

I didn't see the movie, and I might when I'm finished with the book. I suspect Hollywood sped up the action in the movie to make it more...whatever movies have to be to get butts in seats these days. The book is a pleasant surprise to me, though. It's… more »

i've been reading, too

it's time to make an honest woman of her