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autodidacticism--that is to say, I'm self-learning myself

thoughts on biblical scholarship

how did king saul die?

This morning, a friend posted this photo on Facebook. I reposted with the comment that I thought I was familiar with all the bible's contradictions by now and was surprised I wasn't aware of this one. Then I checked the references and retracted. I do no… more »

on the historicity of jesus

I've been waiting with thinly veiled patience for Richard Carrier's forthcoming book on the historicity of Jesus for some time now. I know him to be a very dedicated, thorough, and fair scholar, and when I first learned--maybe five years ago?--that he h… more »

why i don't blog much lately

my theories, all both of them 1. I've developed a social life.  I apologize to you all. I can quit at any time, though. I'm just doing it because, well, I enjoy it.  I've come to sincerely like many of the people here, and to enjoy their company. I… more »

you say you're against abortion, but...

You say you're against abortion, but: - You're also against sex education. - You're against welfare to take care of these kids. - You're against free education for these kids. - You're pro-death penalty when these kids don't make it as adults. A… more »

i do have biblical faith, just not in god

why do i hate religion?

Dear Daddy, This will be hard for you to read, but I want you to read it anyway. I read this post of yours, after all. (I ask all to please go read the linked post, entitled "I Think the Jews Had it Right," in its entirety, before you continue here. We… more »

so i'm an atheist. now what?

  Mila, Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I must have been distracted after I posted your comment, above. You said: "So, your journey is done? I mean, atheism was your destination, and you've reached it?" I suppose it's tempting to interpret my story th… more »

i was led astray by satan

  My story? How much time do you have? :D I'm a preacher's kid--fundamental literalist borderline cult--from East Texas. When I was 10 or so, I realized I didn't really believe, so I multiplied my efforts to "do everything right" and thus build my fai… more »