The Modest Proposal

November 12th, 2006

The paper from Hades.

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On my "posh" job

November 10th, 2006

Let's discuss the myth.

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October 8th, 2006

I just finished grading mid-term papers, and we have a winner....

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Continuing the conversation about literature

September 16th, 2006

And possibly rambling into the ether....

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I quit being a hypocrite today

September 15th, 2006

I'm blaming Don Anderson.

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You never quite understand how and why

September 4th, 2006

...until you try to teach.

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I got my bike fixed

August 26th, 2006

It's a good life

August 25th, 2006

I have some great cadets.

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Life on the Range

August 18th, 2006

First papers are in.

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On the inherent dangers of intolerance

July 31st, 2006

What follows is an argument against tolerance by one Brigitte Gabriel.

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