Comment from: Mila [Visitor]

Exciting news. Congratulations on the 10 years together!

02/02/12 @ 12:19
Comment from: Hinermad [Visitor]


All right, score one for our side! (Sorry, it just seems like “congratulations” is more appropriate after the deed is done.)

Getting married in Canada is a wonderful idea. They have their moments of crazy like we Americans do, but not nearly as often as far as I can tell. Maybe it’s because their population is about the same as Ohio’s. Whatever, they’re good people and level-headed. They’ll treat you right.

Victoria says snow skiing to me. If you kids get bored I’m sure you can find a slope or two to tackle.

A hundred bucks for a marriage certificate? You’re right, that is a racket. I paid $8 for mine back in the day. (But people don’t travel internationally to get married in Athens County, so that BC certificate is probably more in demand. Ain’t capitalism grand?)

Joking aside, I’m very happy for both of you. I know you’ve already made the commitment in your minds and hearts, but it’s nice to dot that final I and cross that final T.


02/02/12 @ 12:47
Comment from: Becca [Visitor]

Exciting news!! I wish you both the best!

I found great stuff for our vows on - lots of alternative readings and ideas, or at least there used to be.

- Becca “notsomuchafraid”

02/02/12 @ 12:49
Comment from: KathyG [Visitor]


02/02/12 @ 15:55
Comment from: Aunt Bann [Visitor]
Aunt Bann

Congratulations, to both of you! Glad to know the date; wish I could be there! Love you both!

02/02/12 @ 17:27
Eva @Mostraum Viewpoint

Good for you!
This sounds like the way I want to do it everytime our wedding preparations gets too complicated. We’re going for the whole packaged with lots of family and friends. Both because Kristin wants it and because we’d hear about it forever if failed to have a big party. We’re also going for matching dresses (color, not shape, we have really different body shapes). I feel slightly panicky just writing about it, and it’s not until September. The wedding bands are on though, over here they come with the formal engagement, and I love wearing mine.
And, yes, it’s nice to live in a country were we can get legally married without any fuss. I keep my fingers crossed and hope that the US will get its act together soon.

02/03/12 @ 04:03

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