Comment from: Hinermad [Visitor]

“I’m far too mentally lazy to be a scam artist.”


I doubt that. But keeping up a scam requires a level of continuous concentration that many of us just don’t think the payoff is worth. Lying is hard work. I find it easier to be honest, take my lumps if necessary, and move on. (But then I’ve never faced felony charges, so I might find it more worthwhile in other circumstances.)

But for Frank, apparently it was worth it. He must have been really addicted to the score, to put in that kind of effort. Working for the sake of work is boring unless you like to work. Working for money can be the same. (Working for more money seems to be addictive for some people though - there’s never enough to satisfy them.)

I envy his drive.


02/07/12 @ 15:13

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