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I could have sworn I left a comment lying around here somewhere. Have you seen it?


02/14/16 @ 08:36
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This is the first one I’ve seen on this post, Dave. (?)


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Huh. I guess I’m not as computer savvy as I thought.

Anyway, what I tried to say was that I believe the idea that hands & feet are the first parts to separate from a submerged corpse. Also, if you look at the major ocean currents along the West Coast you can imagine that a lot of bodies from the Pacific Northwest, California, and even Baja California could end up in the Vancouver & Seattle area. Take a look at the map here:

(Link isn’t being accepted - Google “Nike Trainers and Rubber Ducks - SEOS” and look for a link to

The North Equatorial Current, the current that moves north past Hawaii, and the North Pacific Current are responsible for the mild winters and rainy climate of the Pac NW because they drive warm water from the tropics right into Vancouver and Seattle. So why not debris and body parts?

When I was a Boy Scout I saw a magazine article about a troop that lived near Vancouver and camped on the coast a lot. They regularly found Japanese glass fishing floats washed up on the beach, having floated from fishing grounds in the western Pacific. Glass floats fell out of use 20 or 30 years ago but people still find one in that area now and then.

It’s possible many of those feet belong to victims of foul play, but they could just as easily come from California or Mexico as from Canada. (Even though Vancouver has a reputation for having a lot of organized crime, much of it from the Far East.)


02/14/16 @ 14:08
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Hmmm, Watson. The game is afoot!

04/09/16 @ 18:27

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