From the comfort and safety of my home computer

December 22nd, 2004

Hi, y'all!

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Ahhhh! Civilization!

December 15th, 2004

My last few days and the trip home.

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We had joy, we had fun

December 8th, 2004

We had seasons in the sun...

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November 27th, 2004

I stand out-pedanted

November 22nd, 2004


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Be careful what you wish for

November 20th, 2004

Featuring guest writer MSgt Sue Piasecki.

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Quick note

November 20th, 2004

Before someone calls the Red Cross.

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On latrines

November 16th, 2004

...and other smelly things

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Burger King today

November 15th, 2004

Big whoop.

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Drivin' Around

November 14th, 2004