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dear 17-year-old me

thoughts on biblical scholarship

thinkin' about izmir

bittersweet day

burning the flag--the mark of a traitor?

A friend of mine, who I haven't seen for a while despite the fact that he and his family are assigned across town at Peterson AFB, posted a link to a video last night. It was on this page (link), which is clearly very anti-flag-burning. (If you don't… more »

i was having such a great day, too

kickin' collards, diana-style

a story of nickolai

A story of nickolai In the summer of 2011, I was assigned to NATO in Izmir, Turkey. Operation Unified Protector (OUP) had kicked off for us that April. I'd just arrived in Izmir on 8 March 2011, so it's completely fair to say that when my NATO… more »

my favorite superhero

on english as a discipline and the "crisis model of time management"