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The flag is a symbol of the nation, and we use symbols all the time to express ideas to one another - even unpopular ones. But an attack on the symbol of our nation is a symbolic attack on the nation, and the people whose minds and hearts are dedicated to defending it aren’t going to take it lying down.

I don’t have much respect for someone who burns a flag, not because it’s our flag but because they’re usually not making the point they want to make. Often when it happens the people doing it either don’t know what it is they’re really protesting (like in the Ferguson demonstrations - their issue is with law enforcement procedures, not the whole nation), or they’re just doing it for the shock value, to get a knee-jerk reaction from someone. But fools and attention seekers have a right to speak their minds, just like I have the right to call them fools and attention seekers. I don’t lose any sleep over it.

Besides, I think America is strong enough to withstand criticism and resilient enough to grow from it. It must be awful to live in a nation with values so fragile that any slight is met with threats and violence.


P.S. I suspect the remarks about welfare stem from the idea that many protesters are unemployed, and thus have plenty of time to attend rallies and marches. D.

12/06/14 @ 15:15

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