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it wasn't a heart attack

but i needed to be certain. more »

time to see the doc again

and no, it isn't my knee. or the other one. more »

bias against the supernatural

thoughts on how we atheists close our minds to the possibility of a god more »

how to move to a new home

by a military professional more »

extrabiblical sources attesting to the existence of jesus

strobel chapter 4. this is a good starting place for determining the reliability of the gospels. more »

i'm reading the case for christ

at daddy's request. thought i'd ramble about it for a while today.... more »

number spoofing, qwest, and the fcc

if you want to spoof someone's number, do it on saturday morning when no one can will do anything about it until monday.... more »

the most amazing pot roast you ever tasted

get it here. more »