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rambling for the sake of rambling

flds and teh gey

We're on a sleeper train from Izmir to Ankara. It's 1am. We have decided to go to the dining car. Michelle sits quietly while I peruse one of the Turkey travel guides we've purchased, then she says, “Being gay is like being FLDS.*”   * Fundamentalist… more »

tips for a happy trip

I'm en route to Rome then Latina, Italy, again today. I realize as I pack that I've a bunch of suggestions that the less experienced traveler might benefit from. So here you go. :) 1. Pack light. No matter how light you pack, you're still probably pack… more »

the kind of mood i'm in today

i've got a lov-aly bunch of cabbages...

There they are all standing in a row / Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! OK. Bigger. Check it. more »

today was magical

My new glasses came in the mail from Incirlik. They look a bit dorky and they don't fit right, but.... Wait. Here's a pic. more »

what to pack when i'm bound for italy

back in italia, briefly

munich with alvarummel

I went to Munich last week to spend a couple of days with two of my favorite people and to drink German beer. Mission accomplished. Here's a gratuitous pic:     That's me and Alvarummel. more »

assignment madness and the medical board