Comment from: Aunt Bann [Visitor]
Aunt Bann

Diana, we MUST be kin!!! LOL I, too, usually have at least 3-5 books in the reading stage, and even that many magazines—all at the same time! The daily newspaper I try to read and work the puzzles (all except the sudoku, which I hate with a passion) in one sitting. But I usually have at least one book or magazine (Reader’s Digest) in the bathroom at all times, and at least 3 or more in the computer room. Other magazines I usually read in the living room. I rarely watch television, unless UC has a movie on that I like. So I have plenty of time to read, after doing the housework, yardwork, etc.

Wish I could click on the links so I could listen and watch, but on dial-up, it just doesn’t work. And even some of your photos don’t load for me. Oh, well—I get to READ what you WRITE, at least!

Love you, and miss you!

10/08/11 @ 12:23
Comment from: diana [Member]

Aunt Bann,

Someday, they’ll bring the 20th century to where you and Uncle Charles live, and you’ll wonder how you ever struggled by without it. Sorry you missed the cat vid, because of all of them, I know you’d love it. I miss and love you.


10/08/11 @ 12:37
Comment from: Jam [Visitor]

I CANNOT do that thing with books. I have to read a whole book from cover to cover before I can put it down and pick up a new one, or make a conscious decision never to finish it (usually only done if it’s extra-terrible). If I do start another book while I’m reading another, I end up re-reading the first when I’m done.

It is sometimes even hard to read a book while I am in the middle of a collection of SHORT STORIES… I’m that bad.

10/08/11 @ 14:00
Comment from: Hinermad [Visitor]


A lot of us do (or continue to do) things we don’t care about because we care about what other people think, and they care about what we’re doing. (Most jobs seem to be that way.) I find as I get older I’m more likely to blow off things I don’t care about rather than paste on a smile and dive in. I don’t care what most other people think any more, and the people I do care about already know I’m an old grouch.

Reading multiple books: I side with Jam on this one. A few times I’ve interrupted a book to read another one, but it’s been rare. The last time was when I read American Rifle in the middle of A Game of Thrones. (Thrones is massive, and I needed the break.) Most times it was because someone loaned me a book and I wanted to get it back to them quickly.


10/08/11 @ 16:25
Comment from: KathyG [Visitor]

Hi Diana,

I don’t know how I managed to miss this post last week, but somehow I did.

You’re right about Simon’s Cat: I love it.


10/16/11 @ 03:20

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