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turkish drivers

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a funny thing happened on the way to the education office

i was just inprocessing, people Calm yourselves. It's a required stop. The education office is here to meet my civilian and military education needs, so I popped in to get their initials off on my infernal in-processing checklist. Each time I pass one… more »

going shopping

an utterly unavoidable activity here When I knew I was coming here, almost everyone who knew anything about Turkey said, "SHOPPING!!!" I was getting the idea that shopping here consisted of buying amazing stuff at rock-bottom prices. Now, less than tw… more »

being on foreign soil can be confusing

and this is what lies in store.... Tomorrow, more inprocessing at my place of business. Tuesday, more househunting. Wednesday and Thursday, newcomer's briefing to NATO. Friday? Surprise, I guess. Probably back to houses. Meanwhile, I must ask: Why do… more »

apartment, kabob, carpets, etc

i have a couple of new friends more »

house-hunting, in buca

the nato compound here is similar to maxwell afb Buca (pronounced BOOja) is one of the older areas of the city, and it is the home of the NATO compound. And by "older," I mean it's Section 8 housing as far as the eye can see. And "compound" is the perf… more »

talking türkiye: day two

the mad rush to get me inprocessed, in an apartment, and in the system While allowing for my jet lag. Good times. It was snowing when I arrived yesterday. No really. It didn't stick, of course, but everyone had that mental OMA* ICE IS FALLING FROM TH… more »

today is the first day of the next two years of my life

i have mixed emotions, but i will make the most of it Monday It didn’t even feel like I was leaving this morning. Or last night. Everything was normal, outside of the fact that I’d actually done everything on my to-do list (this may be a first). The g… more »

i've outprocessed

and the few material bits of "me" i'm taking are crated and on their way to turkey And all at the same time. I didn't sleep well last night. We went out to see Peachy and Cheryl (colleagues from the Academy who have moved on) to have dinner and say go… more »

a study in surreality

my life at the moment My life has taken on a surreal quality. Almost everything is perfect, and the clock is ticking. I officially finished the second master's several days ago, then spent a few days making sure the AF had proof I'd finished it on tim… more »