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High five on making it in one piece, and still mostly coherent.

Good luck finding free Wifi in an airport. Super 8 may offer it for free, but more (cough) upscale places charge for it. (As I found out when we went to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City last summer. $25 per day.) Since most airport visitors are business travelers on an expense account, they’re milked regularly.

There’s a reason people have carry-on luggage suitable for an assault on Everest. It’s less stuff they risk losing to the baggage handlers. When I did business travel I wouldn’t check a bag unless I was going to be gone more than three nights. But I didn’t try to stuff an SUV-sized double stroller into an overhead bin, either.

I think the math-like term you wanted might have been exponentially instead of logarithmically. Logarithmically means “the farther you go, the less difference it makes.” So if you go a mile it’s important, ten miles it’s twice as important, 100 miles is three times as important, and 1000 miles is only four times as important.

However, speaking exponentially, one mile is important, two miles is ten times as important, three miles is 100 times as important, and 4 miles gets you to orbit. (Mathematically it’s not a hyperbolic function, but it’s great for engaging in hyperbole.)

Anyway, I’m glad you made it. Thank you for the tales from the road.


03/08/11 @ 15:04
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Aunt Bann

Thanks, Diana! I had a few chuckles out of this, and IF I ever get the money to go ANYWHERE that I need to fly again, I’ll definitely remember to dress ultra-casual!! Sorry you couldn’t post earlier, but “better late than never” definitely applies! We all enjoy your posts (or we wouldn’t still be reading!) and want to keep reading them for many years! Enjoy the “ride” for the next two years, and come see us as soon as possible after you get back home!!! LOVE YOU!!!

03/08/11 @ 15:21

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