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literature must be taught

this i (finally) understand I'm truly, madly, deeply into teaching literature now. I'm still into composition (my first love), but I now understand how to teach literature, and why we must do so. If anything, I walk into class vastly over-prepared no… more »

my syllabus

on the historicity of jesus

I've been waiting with thinly veiled patience for Richard Carrier's forthcoming book on the historicity of Jesus for some time now. I know him to be a very dedicated, thorough, and fair scholar, and when I first learned--maybe five years ago?--that he h… more »

the pile

observations and thoughts with no other place to go "That which does not kill you makes you stronger."  This sounds terrific on the surface, but even a cursory examination proves it to be only so much feel-good bullshit. Assuming that the phrase app… more »

cucumber etc salad!

was justice served? and other thoughts

Like many Americans, I followed the Zimmerman trial fairly closely. Unlike most (?) of them, however, I can honestly say that while I feel--passionately--that Zimmerman was wrong, I'm fairly sure I would have voted exactly as the jury did. more »

i think it all started when i took the trash out

I'm a compulsive cleaner. I will wallow in my own filth, just as happy as the next sow, until I--say--put something away. It's as though something in my brain turns on when I take that initial, innocent step. This morning, I ate a meal then went upstair… more »

we're back in, kinda

The authorities announced at today's press conference that all areas north of Hardy Road in our area had been reverted to "pre-evacuation" status. Michelle and I went out there around 2pm, stopping at the nearest fire station for heavy duty bags to unlo… more »

the stuff that counts

I've been trying to work out how to broach this subject.... Before anyone panics on our behalf, our house is still standing, unscathed. The fire is uncontained in our neck of the woods and it's creeping our way. I'm fairly confident that it will surviv… more »

15 june 2013: black forest fire

As of today (day 5) of "the most destructive fire in Colorado history":  Size of burn area: 15,500 acres (24-25 square miles), 30% contained Number of homes completely destroyed: 479, damaged: 17 We're watching the town hall meeting, live, from Palme… more »