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good times

company last night, and a welcome home for mark tonight I finally got a school friend to come all the way down here to visit. I've invited a few, but Robert is the first person who took me up on it. We built a fire, sipped wine, talked, then introduced… more »


why does it have to be like this Outprocessing a duty station, under normal circumstances, is a hassle. Add to that, say, being an AFIT student* administratively** assigned to Buckley AFB in Aurora, but operationally*** assigned to the ROTC**** unit in… more »

random commentary in the interest of responsibility avoidance

think of this as what you'd be subjected to if you lived with me. pretty much do Come to think of it, what did y'all do for entertainment before blogs and Facebook let you step into my living room whenever you felt like it? Anyway. I've bee… more »

i'm 4 cats awake

new phrase, like 4 alarm chili, but not as pleasant I came up with a new phrase this morning at 2am, and in the interest of avoiding responsibility, will tell you all about it. The new addition to the family  hasn't settled in yet more »

thoughts on gun control

by request I recently pointed out on Facebook that Gabrielle Gifford, one of the more fortunate victims of Saturday's shooting spree in Arizona (since she at least survived), may be the victim of poetic justice. She has, after all, worked for and… more »

first, a little something about our puppies

  a distraction from what i was really writing about, but whatever   At the same time, I decided to teach Mich how to use the weapons. We lived in a good neighborhood, but it abutted a lesser neighborhood (apparently, the cops had regular meth bust… more »

cookin' purple hull peas

down home foodstuffs 'Cause baby it's cold outside. In order to prepare this dish, you'll need a cheap bag of frozen purple hull peas. Buy it a year ago in a fit of healthfulness, then use it multiple times to ice wounds. Just refreeze it each time.… more »

pics and stuff

spotty pics from the vacation The pictures aren't speckled. I mean we tend to forget to take pictures. Surprising, considering I'm a trained photographer. I chalk this up to the fact that I've always been more into living life than taking pictures of i… more »

bienvenue en louisianne

what’s the matter with these people more »

day 3: the plot thickens

meet seamus more »