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Brindle might not be a desirable color where you live, but it seemed to serve my dog well. It was part of the reason my wife picked him out of the shelter, and it was the reason two other families wanted to see him the day we got him. He was a very handsome dog. I can see the shape of his face in Zsa Zsa’s picture.

But I prefer cats myself, too. They’re less needy. Dogs are pack animals and generally want you to be a part of the pack with them. Cats only come around when they want something. I’m into low maintenance critters. (grin)


01/12/11 @ 21:14
Comment from: diana [Member]

By the way, I apparently left out Coffee’s breakdown:

It’s primarily boxer, with several lesser terrier ("pit bull") contributions. And the last 10% or so is St. Bernard.

No lab at all. Not a speck.

I’d say brindle is a matter of taste, Dave, but I love it. Not only is it handsome, but it’s functional in the wild. And kinda scary when it’s coming at you about 25mph.


01/12/11 @ 22:41

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