Comment from: Hinermad [Visitor]


Thank you for the pictures. It looks like you have a fun-loving family, although the cat’s and kids’ expressions say otherwise. (grin) It’s nice to have a face to associate with Ms. Bann, too.

That’s a sharp uniform. Does it come with a sword? (grin)


01/05/11 @ 09:53
Comment from: Aunt Bann [Visitor]
Aunt Bann

I tried to post yesterday, but the program wouldn’t let me. I have no idea what I wrote, but I do remember that I had said that I wish they had known, before they left, that they didn’t have to leave so early. That way, they still could have gotten their showers before they left. (Our hot water hose had “blown its gasket” during the night, and we had water everywhere,including a washer full of it! But by the time we found it, all the heat was gone, and it was cold water. For some odd reason, neither of them seemed to “warm up to” the idea of a cold shower! ;-))

Loved having you, and hope to visit again after you finish your overseas stint again! (I really don’t see you coming back here, or me getting to come there, before you head over!)

01/05/11 @ 15:31
Comment from: Linda [Visitor]

Happy New Year Diana (and of course Ms. Bann) and all your family (including Seamus)

Love the pics. I agree with Dave: nice to finally put faces to the wonderful people that are a part of you - including you of course.

Diana - I have a question. You keep saying you have gained weight? I’m ready to say “shut up” - you fit into your Air Force tux after ten years!

You are looking great!


01/05/11 @ 19:24
Comment from: diana [Member]

Thanks, Linda!

Yeah. I was shamelessly fishing for compliments….

Not really. I have gained weight. The shirt, cumber bun, and jacket still fit, but I had to buy a new skirt.

I’d have had to anyway, because the style changed, apparently. And this is a GOOD thing. The other one was fitted to the ankles, with a slit up the side almost to the knees. I have an, uh, athletic stride, and have had as far back as I can remember. This means I pitch myself face forward when I walk in a fitted skirt, because it denies any step longer than 12 inches.

The new skirt lost the slit and got a bit fuller. I’m a happy puppy.


01/05/11 @ 20:35
Comment from: Roger [Visitor]

Gained weight? Oh shut up. They’re starting to call me “Kung Fu Panda”

01/08/11 @ 07:13
Comment from: diana [Member]

Oh shut up right back at you, Rog. I’m not buying the Kung Fu Panda thing, either.


01/08/11 @ 10:35
Comment from: Hinermad [Visitor]

Diana, Roger:

You both hush. You don’t know fat. My BMI can beat up your BMI.


01/08/11 @ 15:23

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