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hoppin john!

So I was looking for something to do with a package of black-eyed peas I had in the fridge, right? Checked around for some recipes, and discovered...hoppin' john.  I think it's Southern, but nothing I've ever heard of, let alone tried. (That I remember… more »

today, i cook

I haven't done this in a while. Cook, I mean.  I've decided it's time I went back "healthy." I prefer to eat healthy. It tastes better and I feel better. It just takes effort because I have to, you know, actually go in the kitchen for something other t… more »

liberal military - and i'm not alone

I've been needing to explore my thoughts on what it means to be a liberal member of America's military for quite some time, but frankly, I've been busy surfing YouTube, Facebook, and getting into Angel, a spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as you know… more »

the tale of the man who was too lazy to fail

and the resulting butthurt This story is by Robert Heinlein and is included in his novel Time Enough for Love. The premise is as follows: Lazarus Long, born in the early 20th century, is still alive two millenia later, thanks to techonology and his abi… more »

what words mean

how do i love poetry? let me count the ways...

The son of one of my friends is working on poetry assignments and, as it turns out, has the same objections my students do when confronted with poetry. He doesn't "like" it. He doesn't "get" it. I have many responses to this, as you might imagine, and n… more »

the walls here are so thin...

black and white

why i don't blog much lately

my theories, all both of them 1. I've developed a social life.  I apologize to you all. I can quit at any time, though. I'm just doing it because, well, I enjoy it.  I've come to sincerely like many of the people here, and to enjoy their company. I… more »

london bridge is falling down

As if my week hasn't been stressful enough, this song has inexplicably been lodged in my craw since the firest started last Friday in Waldo Canyon, near Colorado Springs. In my mind, I sing it, "Colo Spgs is burning down, burning down, burning down...."… more »