Comment from: Aunt Bann [Visitor]
Aunt Bann

Sounds to me like your boss is trying to get you thrown out before you retire, or get you to retire before your time is up. Either way, she is not a good boss, in my humble opinion. Just smile, say yes maam, and go along with it. You’ll be free of it all, before you realize it — and good riddance of it!!! (LOVE YOU!!)

06/16/15 @ 12:37
Comment from: diana [Member]

Thanks, Aunt Bann.

I don’t think she’s trying to get me thrown out before my time is up or before I retire. I think she’s just convinced herself that I don’t care about my job anymore and cannot be trusted to do it. I think she thinks I’ve gone ROAD (retired on active duty). I’ve known her since ‘06 when I first taught here, and she should know me better than that (then again, I thought I knew her better, too).

So I took a couple of days of leave just because I was so exhausted from all the work this weekend and I was on top of my duties, but spent much of today answering emails and having multiple telephone conversations with work because (again) they don’t trust me to do my job, so it wasn’t like a day of leave at all. And I have to end my leave a day early and go to work tomorrow. Why? The boss is clearly convinced I’m completely apathetic and/or incompetent (neither of which is true).


I just want them to leave me alone and let me do my job. Barring that, perhaps they could “fire” me from the position they think I’m such a fuck-up with (resource advisor*) and place someone “more competent/trustworthy” (in their view) in the position. I can only hope.

* It’s just another one of my many additional duties. I still teach, of course–even though I did ask to be removed from the classroom and sent to the communications squadron for the last few months of my tour (I was serious, but I wasn’t taken seriously).


06/16/15 @ 22:17

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