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I notice is based on Google Maps. I find it helpful to pull up the satellite view when Google suggests a route. Sometimes you can find visible landmarks to help locate turns.

Oh, cool - Mapmyride can pull USGS topo maps from Terraserver too. Neat! (Yes, I’m a map geek. It got me a nice bonus at my last job.)


01/22/10 @ 07:54
Comment from: Aunt Bann [Visitor]
Aunt Bann

Diana, I got a giggle or two while reading this one, especially the part about the weight and the way you dressed for the ride. But the part that I had the most agreement with is the part about why “English types” have to decide what categories something fits into! Like you, I just read for the sake of reading, and write for the sake of writing. And whether it is modern, Romantic, or whatever, it is still interesting reading! As long as it has a plot (if it is supposed to have one) or whatever, I can read and enjoy it! (Oh, yes—how in the world do they define “post-modern"??? If it is modern, in my definition, it takes into consideration what is happening now! “Post-modern” would be after now, and we aren’t there yet, right????) And yes, I am supposed to know the difference, I suppose, but I’ve never been told the difference, and haven’t thought about it much, ever!

Keep writing! You make me laugh, and you keep me coming back for more–and it helps me keep up with what you are doing!

Love you!

01/22/10 @ 23:00
Comment from: Jam [Visitor]

WAT. I am totally an “English type” and the only reason I learn all these categories is to do well on tests. Honestly, the only thing categories are good for is roughly dating a piece when you hear of it. Like, “oh, this is considered modernist? Then it was probably written between the two world wars.” That kind of thing. Sometimes they help you understand a piece better, but… for the most part I’d rather just read the texts and respond to them as-is, let ‘em stand on their own, and leave even the author out of it at first.

03/19/10 @ 13:32

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