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happy veteran's day

This post is special, just to share the humor and brilliance of one of my friends, Dr. Jesse Nemoyer:  He wrote: Our Veteran's Day holiday was canceled last Wednesday. I was asked to inform my students... Sent on Friday: Dear students,  I extend m… more »

now i understand how preachers feel

Sorta. I got this way about literature in class Tuesday. More specifically, I understand how it feels to understand something and believe in it so passionately that if you don't find a way to express it you'll burst.  This came about because I was urgi… more »

tellin stories...

Apparently, there's a "thing" at USAFA called "War Story Fridays." My cadets remind me on the odd occasion I'm actually teaching on a Friday. Not that they have to. I love telling stories.  So I stepped into class Thursday morning having many things pl… more »

beef stew!

Oh man! Today, I took our new crock pot out for a test drive, and boy did it deliver. Today's creation is beef stew.... Dead easy, too.  Here's what I used: 1.25 lbs of skewer chunks of beef, chopped into small pieces 1 lb ground beef 2 white onion… more »