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the best revenge is success...but how do you define success?

I'm not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company--nor do I ever wish to be. Doh. I'm military but...I will never make colonel, either. I have no desire to do what is necessary to make that cut: the politics, the extra activism, or even the time in service. I am… more »

homework isn't just for students anymore

I drifted out of my coma around 9:30 or 10:00 this morning, a mere 15 hours after I slipped into it (if you don't count a couple of bathroom breaks). Feeling absolutely capital, I brewed a half pot of coffee as an excuse to consume flavored creamer, and… more »

i'm on leave...just 'cause

some awesome stuff from and about my students

I like to keep track of the totally awesome stuff my students unwittingly say in their papers. I usually list them on Facebook. Here are a few:    Sentencing to death saves lives. Idi Amin "did not encounter any major form of education." Oskar Sch… more »

and "summer" begins

It's just starting to hit home that my summer will be over before it begins. I think it's begun, but I'm not even sure what the measure is anymore.  I used to think, in my more naive and impressionable years, that "summer" in academia referred to "that… more »


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