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Aunt Bann

Good for you!!! I have been there, so I have a good idea of what you are facing. DON’T back down!!

Love you—and your writings! And miss you, too, of course! Hope to see you sometime this year?

05/31/13 @ 22:20
Comment from: Hinermad [Visitor]


I can’t generalize too much, being a sample of one, but the district my son attends (for 3 more weeks) has a couple of habits that might contribute to the parental homework requirement idea.

First, the school is really big on informing parents of what’s going on, and what’s expected of the student. At the beginning of every year of high school I’d get letters from my son’s teachers explaining the course subject matter, grading policy, exam schedule, and when assignments are due and the consequences for not turning them in on time. I had to sign each of these acknowledging that I understood, and return them to the teacher. It was like signing a contract, with the implication I was responsible for my son’s success. (I don’t believe that was intentional though. I think it was a CYA for the school and teacher in case a parent wanted to argue over a poor grade.)

Another habit of this district is that the teachers are constantly watching for signs of problems that could interfere with proper development later, and contacting the parents if they see anything. This is meant to be helpful - it’s how we found out my son needed glasses, for example - but it can come across as if the child is deficient, and needs special attention. Sometimes they do, but if they need it for their entire school career, maybe they’re in the wrong school.

I’ve always been available to help my kids with homework, but they’ve always understood that they had to come and ask for it. They never did unless they really needed it. There was a stretch of a few weeks last year where my son needed help almost every night, but once his class finished that unit he got back on track and didn’t need any more help. (Advanced algebra. I needed to study his textbook to remember how to do it myself.)


06/01/13 @ 07:06

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