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my love can beat up your love

it's like i locked myself in the bathroom

some thoughts*

* i really need to come up with better titles** ** But puns I don't fancy,*** and melodrama makes me barf. I need a good alternative. *** As titles, I mean. Otherwise, the more awful the pun, the more I like it. I got off shift this morning and caugh… more »

i learned something today

and at present, today has lasted 29 hours I walk the most when I don't wear my walking shoes. unbrella If you think you understand the bus lines, be wary.   Where not to wait for the shuttle.   When a morning seems too good to be true, it is.  … more »

in search of a coffee mug

aka, “travel mug" Hi, my name is Diana, and I hate to shop. Hating to shop here is like living in Alabama and hating football. Or being British and hating football. Or being a non-Muslim Afghani. Shopping is, as far as I can ascertain, the Turkish n… more »

gettin' aroun'

where i speak the language not I’ve been here almost a month, and I’m still fighting a learning curve on the public transportation system. I’ve taken buses successfully a couple of times, and unsuccessfully several, which leaves me to believe that my… more »