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bienvenue en louisianne

what’s the matter with these people more »

day 3: the plot thickens

meet seamus more »

day 2: of gas nozzles and the quest for booze

don’t worry. i’m not driving right now. i may have lost that privilege for good. more on that in a minute. more »

as i type this, we’re somewhere between here and there, texas

it’s 10:50pm more »

the night before the trip

and nothing's packed more »

living a lie

a time-honored tradition in the military more »

happy christmakwanzaasolstice

i'm starting to get why people say "happy holidays" these days more »

how to avoid writing a paper

as the deadline grows nearer, simply shorten the time spent on each item so you can cycle through the list faster more »

don't ask don't tell report and hearing

the politics necessary to get congress to vote common sense.... *sigh* more »