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time to see the doc again

and no, it isn't my knee. or the other one. more »

how to move to a new home

by a military professional more »

number spoofing, qwest, and the fcc

if you want to spoof someone's number, do it on saturday morning when no one can will do anything about it until monday.... more »

the most amazing pot roast you ever tasted

get it here. more »


i'm here and bored, so you will now be subjected to another installment of "aren't you glad you aren't me?" more »

25th high school reunion

betcherass i went more »

it's probably time i blogged again

so here you go. a blog just for you. It is presumably the third day of my "summer vacation," but as with everything else I do, it's never quite that simple. First, and probably most importantly, I still haven't finished the paper I owe my visiting pr… more »

what is it about cooking programs

that sucks me in? more »

my whole family sings

but are we singers? more »

back in military mode

and none too soon. more »