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men don't make passes

at girls who wear glasses Tip o' the hat to the late, great Dorothy Parker. Men are about to stop making passes at me, thank all that's holy. When I was doing duty officer a couple of weeks ago, I could no longer deny that my eyes just ain't what the… more »

A Unique Flavor of Jam

My cousin embarks on an Ireland adventure tomorrow. She is a wonderful writer and an artist, so I imagine her blog posts and pictures will not disappoint. Yes...most of my friends can write like the dickens. Jamie can write even better. This is your i… more »

native speaker

bayram begins tomorrow at noon

Bayram is a word for "national holiday," or so Wiki tells me, which makes sense because there is more than one in the course of a year. This one is the Ramazan Bayramı, the end of Ramadan (or Ramazan, as it is called in Turkey). For those who don'… more »

and now, a memo from the dumbass department

I'm back in Izmir, and there's no time like the present to be an idiot. But first, let me say that it's a breathtaking morning, even through the giant dollop of bird poop on my window. The thing is, I can't work out how the bird did it. Here's th… more »

it's been so long since we talked, i don't know where to start

I feel obliged to explain where I've been, like a teenager who came home past curfew, but that's neither important nor interesting. All you need to know if that I've been very busy and when I wasn't, I didn't feel like writing, and that I'm fine. So I'… more »

hiya from italia

father's day card

Dear Daddy, I love you. No matter what, please...know that I love you. I know I say and do things you don't agree with, and that my opinions and attitude upset you sometimes. I don't say thing in order to upset you. nor do I assume opinions for that r… more »

i hate shopping for clothes

I hate it under normal circumstances, where "normal" is defined as "safely within the bounds of the American culture." Here, I hate it even more passionately. I've probably been building up to this all my life. I think you have to be conditioned to enj… more »

cultivating boredom