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fire on the mountain...

we've been disturbingly productive lately

It's starting to scare me. This is so out of character for both of us that I'm starting to think aliens replaced us with replicas while we slept.  Seriously. For long-time homeowners, we have worked out a stunningly slothful lifestyle in which we--for… more »

the best revenge is success...but how do you define success?

I'm not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company--nor do I ever wish to be. Doh. I'm military but...I will never make colonel, either. I have no desire to do what is necessary to make that cut: the politics, the extra activism, or even the time in service. I am… more »

homework isn't just for students anymore

I drifted out of my coma around 9:30 or 10:00 this morning, a mere 15 hours after I slipped into it (if you don't count a couple of bathroom breaks). Feeling absolutely capital, I brewed a half pot of coffee as an excuse to consume flavored creamer, and… more »

i'm on leave...just 'cause

some awesome stuff from and about my students

I like to keep track of the totally awesome stuff my students unwittingly say in their papers. I usually list them on Facebook. Here are a few:    Sentencing to death saves lives. Idi Amin "did not encounter any major form of education." Oskar Sch… more »

and "summer" begins

It's just starting to hit home that my summer will be over before it begins. I think it's begun, but I'm not even sure what the measure is anymore.  I used to think, in my more naive and impressionable years, that "summer" in academia referred to "that… more »


Joshua Waters, suicide, Jeffrey more »

issued friends

This will be my last "talking türkiye" post. I'm home now, but this is very much about Turkey still.  I felt depressed and out-of-sorts for the last few weeks I was in Turkey. The last few days I was there, I felt dispossessed, as though I was leaving… more »

so there i was...

I'm not sure why, but I recently decided it would be fun to find ways to tell stories (and get others to tell stories) with the "so there I was..." lead-in. It entertained me for a while, until I said it at a party. I was about to launch into some tale… more »