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Warren Beason

Anyone can make a Powerpoint presentation, my grandson taught others in his 3rd Grade class how to do it. His were actually really good, with pictures to demonstrate his points. I do not know where he learned it from, probably taught himself after some rudimentary instruction from a teacher. His typing skills are phenomenal, completely self-taught. But, he has been using computers since he was a toddler.

As for cursive writing, I too think it is a valuable skill to have. For me writing things out in long-hand increase the likelihood I will remember what I’ve written many times better than typing is, it’s a different motor skills set. I think writing in cursive may require more conscious thought than typing. It certainly takes a different set of muscles.

In school I wasn’t a prolific note-taker, but I can often recall a great deal of what I read or heard if I just scribble down a few lines about it. I do this with my weird dreams regularly, just a few lines about it and I’ll remember it in rich detail. Write it out, remember it better.

09/24/15 @ 21:10

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