Comment from: Judy [Visitor]

I think I will have to read the book, now. Thanks so much for the 1997 bit. ;p

I have a CPAP; so does Brian. Jen needs a test… and Mom probably should have had a test something like 40 years ago. It could be the root of all her health problems.

But… I think you’ve been sleeping “on a dime” your whole life. I have a very clear memory of you sleeping on the floor (Daingerfield, I think), and your parents talking about how you could sleep anywhere.

09/13/15 @ 23:28
Comment from: Peachy [Visitor]

I have the CPAP as well. It’s great for what little sleep I do get.

Another cause of poor sleep is too high of a cortisone level. You may want to have it checked.

11/25/15 @ 22:25

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