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today was a good day

we no longer live in deprived squalor...sort of

For some reason--one of the great mysteries of the universe, as far as I'm concerned--I awoke with motivation this morning.  That's right. I used the "m" word.  I've been ashamed to admit I live here for a while, or at least to allow friends into our… more »

how did king saul die?

This morning, a friend posted this photo on Facebook. I reposted with the comment that I thought I was familiar with all the bible's contradictions by now and was surprised I wasn't aware of this one. Then I checked the references and retracted. I do no… more »

teachin' the shakeman

Hello. My name is Diana and Shakespeare.  I began innocently enough, as a social Shakespearean, at parties. But it...felt so good. I tremble to admit it now, but...I do it all alone in the basement sometimes, just to get my fix. I can't stop. … more »