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the tale of the man who was too lazy to fail

and the resulting butthurt This story is by Robert Heinlein and is included in his novel Time Enough for Love. The premise is as follows: Lazarus Long, born in the early 20th century, is still alive two millenia later, thanks to techonology and his abi… more »

thoughts on the debate

In the course of last night's debate, Phillip Tricolla asked this question: Your energy secretary, Steven Chu, has now been on record three times stating it’s not policy of his department to help lower gas prices. Do you agree with Secretary Chu that th… more »

what words mean

of course america is a democracy, you crazy people

Today was my last day in my Military Ethics elective course at the Joint and Combined Warfighting School I'm attending in Norfolk, Virginia, at the moment. Our final assignment was to write a short paper arguing the justness (or lack thereof) of any giv… more »