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what to pack when i'm bound for italy

back in italia, briefly

munich with alvarummel

I went to Munich last week to spend a couple of days with two of my favorite people and to drink German beer. Mission accomplished. Here's a gratuitous pic:     That's me and Alvarummel. more »

assignment madness and the medical board

men don't make passes

at girls who wear glasses Tip o' the hat to the late, great Dorothy Parker. Men are about to stop making passes at me, thank all that's holy. When I was doing duty officer a couple of weeks ago, I could no longer deny that my eyes just ain't what the… more »

A Unique Flavor of Jam

My cousin embarks on an Ireland adventure tomorrow. She is a wonderful writer and an artist, so I imagine her blog posts and pictures will not disappoint. Yes...most of my friends can write like the dickens. Jamie can write even better. This is your i… more »