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native speaker

bayram begins tomorrow at noon

Bayram is a word for "national holiday," or so Wiki tells me, which makes sense because there is more than one in the course of a year. This one is the Ramazan Bayramı, the end of Ramadan (or Ramazan, as it is called in Turkey). For those who don'… more »

and now, a memo from the dumbass department

I'm back in Izmir, and there's no time like the present to be an idiot. But first, let me say that it's a breathtaking morning, even through the giant dollop of bird poop on my window. The thing is, I can't work out how the bird did it. Here's th… more »

it's been so long since we talked, i don't know where to start

I feel obliged to explain where I've been, like a teenager who came home past curfew, but that's neither important nor interesting. All you need to know if that I've been very busy and when I wasn't, I didn't feel like writing, and that I'm fine. So I'… more »