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so i'm an atheist. now what?

  Mila, Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I must have been distracted after I posted your comment, above. You said: "So, your journey is done? I mean, atheism was your destination, and you've reached it?" I suppose it's tempting to interpret my story th… more »

i feel like hell

I'm mentally and emotionally fine, which is the most important thing, but just how many things can go wrong with my body at once? I mean, really. My foot's twisted and broken. It felt pretty good for a day or two last week, and now it's back to plaguin… more »

i was led astray by satan

  My story? How much time do you have? :D I'm a preacher's kid--fundamental literalist borderline cult--from East Texas. When I was 10 or so, I realized I didn't really believe, so I multiplied my efforts to "do everything right" and thus build my fai… more »

sprained and broke ankle

Thesis: Turks are awesome. Arguments: Entirely based on anecdotal evidence. My foot hurts, so Turks are being nice to me. I'm saying that like they aren't consistently nice, except when they're invading my space with unpleasant aromas attempting to se… more »

i finally bought something

I confess. I did spend money. Red-letter date for me. If you want to mark it on your calendar, I'll wait. OK. I took yesterday morning to see the medical team about some shoulder problems I've been having lately. When I told my boss I was going to see… more »

so i was out bicycling monday