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You might be sitting on top of a gold mine here. There are a lot of societies that had, at some point, “the best army in the world,” only to collapse from the inside (with a little nudging from the next society to have “the best army in the world.") Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome… one wonders if their collapse was aided by a similar decay in their military integrity.

I realize I’m jumping to a conclusion here without supporting evidence, but the patterns are suspiciously familar. We may be facing a history that we as a nation are doomed to repeat.

If it’s any consolation for bumping your nose on the obligation to play along, the corporate world is the same way. Not every company has the same problem with mixed messages - my own employer seems to walk the walk as well as talk the talk - but it’s common knowledge that many employers aren’t as careful. That’s why the issue of illegal aliens is even an issue at all. If employers didn’t hire them, there’d be no need to debate what to do with them.


09/10/07 @ 10:18

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