my to-do list

i've figured out how to get things done more »

it is getting better

"it" what? (unknown antecedent.) random post follows. more »

i'm annoyed with the liberal media

...and yeah. i'm a liberal. more »

senato rearmarks

what's the bfd? more »

what it feels like to be me

a feeble attempt at describing depression more »

why we're all politically stupid

you should read this. i have nothing really new to say, but i might make you laugh. which you need. especially right now. more »

i went to see my puerto rican boyfriend yesterday

his name is eddie more »

some thoughts on the study of literature

i'm sure I ranted about this before more »

straw man attack

another martial arts rumination from the archives... more »

on the belt system

from the archives. and yes...i still believe this is true. i'd predict the responses this will elicit from my fellow martial artists, but that might ruin all the fun..... more »