catch me if you can

I didn't see the movie, and I might when I'm finished with the book. I suspect Hollywood sped up the action in the movie to make it more...whatever movies have to be to get butts in seats these days. The book is a pleasant surprise to me, though. It's… more »

i've been reading, too

it's time to make an honest woman of her

new year resolutions etc

It's abundantly clear to me that I could never be a regular columnist. I'm just too fickle. Also, this post is a study in contradiction. This probably says something about me, but I'm not sure what. This year, my resolutions are: 1. To not fall down m… more »

group effort grocery list

rambling for the sake of rambling

flds and teh gey

We're on a sleeper train from Izmir to Ankara. It's 1am. We have decided to go to the dining car. Michelle sits quietly while I peruse one of the Turkey travel guides we've purchased, then she says, “Being gay is like being FLDS.*”   * Fundamentalist… more »

selçuk and almost ephesus

PRONUNCIATION KEY: Efes: EH-fess Selçuk: SELL-chuk Şirince: shur-ENJ-eh Kuşadası: koo-SHAH-dah-suh   Mich arrived from the States last Sunday evening, and proceeded to deal with jet lag. There are a few places we want to visit while… more »

tips for a happy trip

I'm en route to Rome then Latina, Italy, again today. I realize as I pack that I've a bunch of suggestions that the less experienced traveler might benefit from. So here you go. :) 1. Pack light. No matter how light you pack, you're still probably pack… more »

the kind of mood i'm in today