the walls here are so thin...

black and white

why i don't blog much lately

my theories, all both of them 1. I've developed a social life.  I apologize to you all. I can quit at any time, though. I'm just doing it because, well, I enjoy it.  I've come to sincerely like many of the people here, and to enjoy their company. I… more »

london bridge is falling down

As if my week hasn't been stressful enough, this song has inexplicably been lodged in my craw since the firest started last Friday in Waldo Canyon, near Colorado Springs. In my mind, I sing it, "Colo Spgs is burning down, burning down, burning down...."… more »

how did i get so busy in nato, again?

Once again, I've managed to turn a cush job into a workaholic's dream. How, you may ask? Mad skilz, baby.  OKOKOK. The last wasn't a cush job so much as a "cush" job. Vive la difference! All hail the power of punctuation.  I wasn't even on the Interna… more »

if you were a bridge, i wouldn't walk on you

The first time Bahar said this to me, I said, "Excuse me?" She said again, "If you were a bridge, I wouldn't walk on you." I waited for the insight to come, but it didn't, so I frowned to help it. Frowning wrinkles the brain, see, and thus helps it ma… more »

language barriers

new leaf upended: left the house more than once this weekend

Most people cannot hope to compete with the excitement that is my life. I managed to leave the house for more than carrying out trash or whipping to the store for more milk three times this weekend (four if you count Friday evening). In order for you t… more »

advice for travelers in turkey

...but it's only 5k as the crow walks